Aaron Hart — Curator of the Kingsport Historical Society Museum
Alec Long — A local speakeasy owner
Allen Nash — A crazed dreamer
Andrew Payne — A freelance journalist and frequent speakeasy patron
Archie “The Boss” Bonato — Reputed crime boss
Black Thorn — A mercenary company contracted by the US government
Daniel — The shady contact from the US government Really a Lucid Zombie
Dario Alighiero — A Roman-Catholic Priest
Dora Long — A local speakeasy owner
Henry Armitage — Head Librarian at Miskatonic University’s Orne Library
Jerry Wells — Construction Foreman
Jimmy Foster — Mob enforcer
John Sing — The mysterious benefactor who seems to know everything about the zombie plauge
Liam MacGuffin — A long-time Red Hook resident


Basic Zombie — Slow stupid but will nom players brains
Enraged Zombie — Slow and stupid until you agitate them then they sprint
Crawler — Fast ambush predator
Needler Zombie — A needle shooting ambush predator
Screamers — A zombie capable of disabling with a sonic blast


A Database of Stock NPC's FrankSirmarco