Band of Thugs – Conan RPG
The Guardian : A childlike protector
Sir Olgafrincham : A paladin on a quest
Bayne Thorpe : A sheriff with an interesting arrest procedure
Amira Galanodel : shy elf wizard and scholar
Dawn Miller : middle-aged, motherly paladin
Jacob Kickyouinnuts : A warrior Monk with a checkered past
Chu : A pygmy scholar, yes, you read correctly.
Sir Quixis Ote : Changeling paladin.
Patch : A pirate/quartermaster
Smiley : A psychotic pirate whose loyalty is with his quartermaster
Pegleg : A sad pirate whose loyalty keeps him in the business
Zeddicus Zorander : A powerful wizard who lost his memories
Taria Cook : A ruthless and aggressive war mage
Quintine Excavar : A knowledgeable Priestess of Pelor, with useful scrolls
Canyon Crazy : A psychotic hippy living with Canyon Crawlers .
Alexus Widenostril : A medium level gnome militiaman with glaive
Andrew Windsor : A medium level human militiaman with greataxe
Rell : A pretty lawman; yes, man.

Stock NPCs for Pathfinder (by Class)
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Basic Zombie— Slow stupid but will nom players brains
Enraged Zombie— Slow and stupid until you agitate them then they sprint
Antipriest – CR10 Evil Undead with antiturning aura.
Atka — A noble Snow Leopard companion
Sphinx — Still has its nose.

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