Bellow you will find links for the people who have contributed to these pages. You may also find links to their campaigns which are definately worth checking out.

Hurst gmbanner
USS Sanctuary A space adventure where you will find aliens, spaceships, naval officers, and other strange assorted creatures. Rock and Rollin Space Adventure!

The Broken Road A group of semi ordinary men who travel together trying to survive and do whats right. Each can feel the dying of the light but it has yet to be seen if they can stop it or if they will even try. Its rifts so there is a bit of everything.

Diary of John Sing The zombies have come and we have lost. Mankind crawls up from the ruins with strange cultures and even weirder monsters now the norm. These men are not hero’s these are simply men trying to survive. Post Apocalyptic zombie survival adventure

OCP Security Services A shadowy world of magic, psionics, cybernetics, and strange Genetic Mutations where mega corporations have taken over the world and governments have been abolished. Follow the rookies in the security services as they hunt criminals, spies, murders, and keep themselves alive. A espionage thriller where danger is around every corner.

Ken see

Paths of Destiny
A fantasy adventure where you will find your standard fantasy fare along with a few twists.
Bayne Thorpe


Star Trek Late Night

Winner of the Obsidian Portal’s Campaign of the Month for January 2012. Here you will find many dozens of characters that can be dropped into any Star Wars, Star Trek, or other Sci-fi space setting. Warning Some of the characters have very adult themes.

Generic NPC’s
Santiago Merandez Tramece Monroe
Fantasy Settings NPC’s
Sir Olgafrincham
Star Wars d6 (West End Games)

swd6 – Capital Ship Personel
swd6 – Coruscant Guards
swd6 – Dark Side Adept
swd6 – Death Star Crew
swd6 – Detention Area Guards
swd6 – Dungeoneer
swd6 – Imperial Armor Squad Leader
swd6 – Imperial Army Assault Trooper
swd6 – Imperial Army Commandos
swd6 – Imperial Army Demolitions Trooper
swd6 – Imperial Army Scout
swd6 – Imperial Army Sharpshooter
swd6 – Imperial Army Squad Leader
swd6 – Imperial Army Troops
swd6 – Imperial Command
swd6 – Imperial Fighter Pilots
swd6 – Imperial Ground Vehicle Crews
swd6 – Imperial Knights
swd6 – Imperial Marines
swd6 – Imperial Navy Commandos
swd6 – Imperial Navy Spec Nav
swd6 – Imperial Navy Troopers
swd6 – Imperial Repulsorlift Crews
swd6 – Imperial Sentinel
swd6 – Imperial Shuttle Pilots
swd6 – Imperial Sovereign Protectors
swd6 – Imperial Walker Crews
swd6 – Security Guards
swd6 – Senate Guard
swd6 – Shadow Guard
swd6 – Special Missions Engineer
swd6- Royal Guards


First Campaign started in 2009 and ended in 2012: Shimring: The Faces of Divinity is now completed with most of the Characters ending at Level 19.
NPC Contributions:
Antipriest New monster created for Shimring to combat clerics.
Quintine Excavar High Priestess of Pelor, previous Shimring Questor
Alexus Widenostril Medium Level Gnome Militiaman
Andrew Windsor Medium Level Human Militiaman

Next Campaign, Mysteria will be set in Wolfgang Baur’s MIDGARD and start in 2014.

All campaigns currently in early planning stages.

A God…Rebuilt

A Fantasy campaign where the player characters must find the parts of Osiris so that he may be rebuilt.
Winner of Duskreign’s First Ever COTM.

Sir Quixis Ote

Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order

A d20 system based off of the television series Avatar: the Last Airbender. A fantasy setting where people can be born with the ability to manipulate Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. The campaign takes place 2,600 years before the events of the show.
Duskreign’s Favorite CotM January 2012
CotM November 2011



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