Zeddicus Zorander

Zedd wears the simple tan robes of a powerful wizard


Zedd is an old and extremely thin, bony man with pale, almost leathery skin. He is 50 years old, but years of stress have caused him to appear much older than he really is. His white hair sticks out in waves across his head and he has an infectious impish grin. Despite his thin figure, Zedd is far from frail or feeble minded. He has an extraordinary intellect and his hazel eyes flicker with his intelligence. Zedd’s face is composed of keen features, attractive despite his age. Zedd’s usual attire is simple tan robes that identified him as a powerful wizard.

Though generally a kindhearted man, Zedd is capable of turning as cold and hard as stone to those who oppose his convictions, or try to hurt those he cares about.


Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander was one of the most powerful Wizards in the entirety of the Tåmerleín Empire. Born under The Scale, Zedd was devoted to the protection of Law and Order in all things, including magic. Zedd was one of the most ingenious masters of magic and was known to create some of the most powerful spells of his time, having an unparalleled understanding of magic and its inter-workings. To Zedd, magic is like anything else, an aspect of reality which can therefore be studied, understood, and eventually mastered. Zedd always has a wiry grin on his face, and loves making pithy jokes. He enjoys raising chickens during his free time and many people have heard him speak to his chickens as if they were people. Despite his cooky personality, he is likely one of the smartest men alive, easily being marked at genius level.

A couple years ago, Zedd was sent to investigate the appearance of a Red Dragon that had moved into the area. However, when he arrived he instead found himself ambushed…

Zedd eventually found his way back to the Wizards College, mumbling and incoherent. He was taken to the council who, after inquiring as to what happened, discovered that someone had wiped all of Zeds memories… He remembers who he was and his upbringing, but all his knowledge of magic was stolen from him. Now, he is displaced to the position of novice, forced to train in classes he used to teach, using text books he wrote…

Zedd is a genius prodigy, and it is only a matter of time before he once again masters the cogs of magic. The question is will he make it there with his sanity intact… In the meantime, his colleagues can only help but feel awkward around him. Their former master now nothing but a student. His competitors are nothing but pleased. Zedd must re-meet everyone he has ever met, re-learn everything he has ever mastered, and discover the identity of the ones who stole his life if he is ever going to find peace.

Zeddicus Zorander

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