Vulu Wise-Lies

A short, sleight Kitsune who favours her fox form whilst adventuring. She favours hooded robes to enable her a degree of discretion over changes between forms.


Vulu Wise-Lies

Kitsune, Female, Height: 4’10 Weight: 110lbs Age: 17
Hair: Auburn, Eyes: Amber;

Wild-Blooded Sorcerer (Visionary, Dream-Spun Bloodline) Level: 4,
God: Daikitsu, Alig: CG
Size: Medium Move: 30’

Str: 10 + 0
Dex: 14 + 2
Con: 12 + 1
Int: 12 + 1
Wis: 10 + 0
Cha: 21 + 5

AC: 12 (16)
HP: 26
Init: + 3
BA: + 2
CMB: + 2 CMD: 14
Fort/Ref/Will: + 4/+ 5/+ 6

Class Abilities:
Bloodline Arcana: 1 Hour Rest to regain spells;
Bloodline Powers: Lullaby (8/day, 10’ burst within 110’, 1 min = -5 Perception & -4 saves vs. Sleep, Will Save DC:17);
Combat Precognition (+ 1 Initiative);
Class Skill: Sense Motive;
Eschew Materials;
Favoured Class Ability: + 1 DC Enchantment Spells;

Extend Spell;
Spell Focus (Enchantment + 1 DC);

Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnome.

2 of Spades: Rebel.
2 of Diamonds: Collector (Dreams and Wishes).
Slightly bossy, respects bravery but not stupidity. Dislikes dogs, those without honour and those who harm foxes.

Racial Abilities:
Low-Light Vision;
Gregarious (Successful Diplomacy = -2 vs. Charisma based checks for 24 hours);
Kitsune Magic (Enchantment + 1DC, Dancing Lights 3/day);
Natural Weapons: Bite (+ 2, 1d4, 20/x2);

Bluff: 1+ 5+ 3+ 1*=+ 9/10*
Diplomacy: 1+ 5+ 1*=+ 6/7*
Knowledge (Arcane): 2 1+ 3=+ 6
Linguistics: 1+ 1=+ 2
Perception: 1+ 0=+ 1
Sense Motive: 1+ 0+ 3=+ 4
Spellcraft: 4+ 1+ 3=+ 8
Use Magic Device: 1+ 5+ 3=+ 9

Cantrips: Daze (DC: 18), Detect Magic, Mending, Read Magic, Ray of Frost (+ 4, 1d3 Cold), Resistance;
8 x Lvl 1: Charm Person (DC: 19), Mage Armour, Magic Missile, Sleep (DC: 19/23);
4 x Lvl 2: Oppressive Boredom (DC: 20);

Charming: + 1*Bluff/Diplomacy & + 1 DC to Language Dependant Saves (APG p.340);
Focussed Mind: + 2 Concentration (APG p. 339);

Magic Items:
Cloak of Resistance + 2;
Slippers of Spider Climbing (10 min/day);
Soul-speaker: 1/day Magic Mouth.
844gp, 10pp

Note: All items have a Magic Mouth which will go off if they are taken more than 30’ from Vulu as does her backpack and coin-purse.


Birthplace, Human Town/Village, Middle-Class Birth;
Four siblings (2 older), both parents alive, Clergy/Cultists (profession);
Major Childhood Event: Magical Gift;
Adolescence: Dreams of Something Different;
Influential Associate: The Seer;
Conflict: Broke a Promise with a close friend, motivation: love, sincere regret;
Romantic History: One significant relationship;
Drawback: Pride;
Story Feat: True Love;

Adventuring History:

According to omens Vulu was destined to be an Oracle or a Diviner, unfortunately the omens didn’t ask her what she thought of this. Ever headstrong and wilful, Vulu focussed her training on the arcane and whilst showing huge potential as a diviner, enchantment magic was the secret focus of her training.
When her parent’s discovered this deception they were angry at her attempt to avoid her ‘destiny’, then there was also the matter of an arranged marriage Vulu was resisting despite ‘strong feelings’ for her betrothed (whom she did indeed love but she did not desire to settle down, wanting to experience the world first).
Vulu had to plan her escape well (her parent’s both being skilled at divination magic) and indeed did, being on a ship bound for the west before they realised she had vanished. The cancelled marriage and wayward daughter were a local scandal, her betrothed’s family humiliated and insulted.

Since then she has adventured and sought to build her proficiency with magic, her adventures have been:

Crown of the Kobold King (Levels 1-4);


Vulu was marked by her family to become an oracle, a prestigious honour amongst Kitsune. Naturally she rebelled and was viewed to have brought shame upon her family. After discovering an arranged marriage was in the offing she fled her home and has been wandering ever since.

She has severe issues with taking orders and whilst initially stating that she does not seek to be in charge, she will quickly begin offering comment on party direction and what she thinks is the best way forward.

Despite this her intentions and motives are good and she will not actively oppose a party member unless they are evil.

Vulu Wise-Lies

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