The Guardian

A powerful, warforged, construct who wasn't quite finished...


Long ago, in a land now forgotten, the warforged were a race of constructs built for one purpose Now extinct, the secret of their creation had been lost to time. When a powerful mage rediscovered a creation forge he spent years of research and experimentation to learn its secrets. The result was the guardian.

He was made as a protector for the mages own child, who was destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy. After completing the Guardians physical form, the mage set about the process of educating him. Unfortunately the mage met with an untimely death before he could complete the instruction. Nameless and without guidance, the guardian was given only one basic instruction…“protect the child.”

The Guardian possesses incredible strength, agility and fighting prowess but he has no understanding of the world he was ‘born’ into. Though he is a construct of immense power, he is basically a child.

The Guardian

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