The Golandorians


These are a race of humanoids we have had little contact with. First contact was a rescue situation where a Golandorian Frigate was in a decaying orbit. A civilian ship managed to get a message to the USS Nimitz. Captain Ladston working with the civilian ship managed to pull the damaged freighter out of the gas giant and to a safe distance. This was accomplished by near brute force and no communication with the ship as there was no translation for their language. Once safe the Nimitz was trying to render assistance when 4 other ships arrived. They were organic looking by similar in markings so the Nimitz moved away and the other ships surrounded the wounded vessel. The Nimitz wisely backed off and jumped out of the system.

Five months later the Cargo Convoy Paragon was attacked by pirates. Without asking for help and before they could get out a distress call two golandorian frigates attacked the superior forces of the pirates. They sent only one word to the convoy, run. The last sensor log the convoy had was the golandorian ships losing the battle. Six weeks later the UNSC found the wreckage of several pirate ships in the next system. All seemed to be obliterated by the Golandorians based on weapons signatures and the wreckage of the ships in the area. The primary hull of the lead pirate ship jumped into the sol system all hands dead. Inside was a note card on the helm. “We are even”


The Golandorians

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