Smiley always wanted to be like his dad, a blacksmith, but when his town was sacked by pirates and his family killed, he changed his mind. He decided he would become a pirate hunter instead. He signed onto one of He Magesty’s ships and was accosted, raped, and used as a sex toy by the crew. He eventually escaped and wandered aimlessly for more than a year. Eventually he became a brigand and after several years earning his way as a highwayman, he turned to piracy.

A few years back he was captured along with the crew by canibal tribesmen. He watched in horror as they cuty the leg off his friend and ate it in front of him. When they sliced his face up something in his mind snapped. He started laughing and giggling and crying all at once. Eventually he was rescued by Patch and he escaped along with his one legged friend.

Now he can always be found somewhere in the area of Patch. It may be on a ship or perhaps in a tavern but Patch is always close by. He is quick with a knife or a flintlock and is not above killing for a few coppers.


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