Sir Olgafrincham


Human/Male/Age 34

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A humble knight from the Court of King Alfred, Sir Olgafrinham earned his fame when he undertook the Quest of the Vanishing Maiden. He fought his way into the Dungeon of Dread and slayed many demons, monsters, and vile evil wizards. When he found the naked woman chained in silver he was certain he had captured a succubus and he led her at swordpoint back to the Court of King Alfred for trial and execution. Much to his dismay he discover the succubus was none other than King Alfred’s own daughter, the Princess Aowin. Knowing the horrible thing he had done, Sir Olgafrinham went before the king and offered to take his own life. The kindly old King smiled and gave Olgafrincham his own sword, Humdinger (The Humming Sword of Doom). Alfred then went on to order the punishment that Olgafrincham must face. He placed Sir Olgafrinham into the service of his daughter for seven years.

Olgafrinham would go on to serve the Princess in all ways as she traveled the pathways between the worlds spreading her faith and raiding evil temples and dungeons. Sir Olgafrincham can be found traveling nearly any world with his Princess.

Sir Olgafrincham

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