Quintine Excavar

Human Female Cleric of Pelor serving the City of Greyhawk


Quintine Excavar, Priestess of Pelor, lives in the City of Greyhawk and is known as an outstanding campaigner of the rights of underprivelaged people in that city. She is a Giver of Light, Receiver of Alms, Teacher of the Way and Chosen of the Order of Planar Emissaries.
As part of her training she has been nominated to ancilliary duty in the courts of Greyhawk where she excelled in matters of state and developed as an excellent judge of character and action. She performed this duty for several years before receiving special training from a secretive order within the Church of Pelor.

Under tutelage of the secretive High Priest Anorak Gray, she has developed a high level of Knowledge of planar cosmology and comparative religion, and is acutely aware of otherworld realms.

She is a 33 year old human, slight of form, with dark tan skin and long silver hair and penetrating blue eyes. The common folk say these eyes peer into the souls of her fellow worshippers. However, she does not only concern herself with the followers of Pelor, but with the wellbeing of all good people.

Her Chosen Clerical Domains are Healing and Sun. She is quick to act in any conflict and excels in Turning Undead . She is also useful against creatures with Spell Resistance due to her Greater Spell Penetration.


Although known only by a select few, Quintine Excavar was chosen by the High Solar Komus to aid for a time in the Quest of Shimring . As such, she has been a Wielder of the Chains of Gond, entered the Primordial Temples of Yog-Sothoth and Hastur and journeyed through the ruins of Greyhawk as well as Gossamer, a lesser known part of the Demonweb, encountering many forms of demons and undead. After her time on this Quest, she was accorded great honour and granted rank of High Priestess within the Order of Planar Light.

She still holds two scrolls of Resurrection and a scroll of True Resurrection which she will use willingly to aid any party that she serves.

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Quintine Excavar

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