Nick the Shadow

Thriving "Business-man"


Nick the Shadow takes crap from no one. He doesn’t trust anyone. Forgiveness is not something he knows. He isn’t someone to be trifled with. His career began as an arms dealer on some backwater planet that no one’s even heard about. He played the part of the perfect underling for a while, while he schemed to take the business over from his boss, Polo Wayne. When the opportunity presented itself he quickly and violently took over the business and set himself up as the boss. That’s when he came to be known as Nick the Shadow. In recent years he’s moved beyond just dealing in weapons and has involved himself in pretty much any bad or illegal activity you can imagine.

He has a habit of excessively using the word “hack” in his speech. This is probably due to his childhood where his father would go hack people he didn’t like to death. Nick will usually call his enemies, and pretty much anyone or anything he doesn’t like, a hack.

Secretly, Nick maintains a slew of very well paid actors ready to act the part of Nick the Shadow for his dealings. He tells them what he wants done and what to say and they play the part. This has saved Nick’s life on more than one occasion when someone would attempt to back-stab and kill him. Nick spares nothing for keeping the appearance, however, and still gives each actor the type of protection he would afford himself in the same situation. This has perplexed many people who believed they had killed him only to find out that his business was still running with him still at the head.


Nick the Shadow

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