Liam MacGuffin

A long-time Red Hook resident


Short and stout, Liam is an energetic and fiery seventy year-old Scotsman. Unlike other Red Hook inhabitants, he is friendly, welcoming, and forthcoming.


A resident of the Red Hook neighborhood for the last fifty years, Liam MacGuffin lives in an old brick house that stands alone with two vacant lots on either side. He is proud of what the neighborhood once was, and is one of the few people in Red Hook that supports an urban-renewal project.

He keeps his ears open for any information that would help put local ne’er-do-wells behind bars, and is an excellent source of information in Red Hook.


STR 11, CON 10, SIZ 11, INT 13, POW 12, DEX 8, APP 12, EDU 13

Sanity: 60

Hit Points: 11

Damage Bonus: 0

Weapons: None

Skills: Bargain (50%), Fast Talk (50%), Mechanical Repair (60%), Orate (75%)

Liam MacGuffin

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