Kid Sister

A little sister who grows up to be a rival (A 'fill in the blanks' NPC)


The kid sister I created was named Jara. She starts out the game appearing to be a typical little sister. She is somewhat overshadowed by her big sister Esmerelda who is the main character in the campaign.

Little does Esmerelda know that Jara is exceedingly jealous of the attention Esmerleda gets from their grandfather. Esmerelda gets to travel and study while Jara stays home and works the farm with their parents.

When their worlds are torn apart by an invasion, Jara is captured by the invaders while Esmerelda escapes to eventually lead a rebellion.

Eventually, when Jara’s captors realize her relationship to the main character, they decide to try to use her as a way to get to Esmerelda.

Kid sister will grow up to become a villain in the story.


Kid sister grows up in the shadow of her older sibling (the PC). She has secretly harbored an intense jealousy of her big brother/sister.

As the PC grows in influence and power he/she makes many enemies. One of those enemies learns of the identity of the PC’s family and seeks them out. Their original intent was to ransom them, or use them as bait in a plot to defeat the PC. When kid sister’s jealousy becomes obvious the enemy decides to train little sister to become an enemy. She is given power, magic, items and/or training until she is ready to rival her older sibling.

When kid sister next appears, she is bent on destruction. She is a devious and vicious creature in the body of a sweet little girl.

Kid Sister

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