Jimmy Foster

Mob Enforcer


Small, squat, and beady-eyed, Foster wears expensive suits and a black bowler hat.


Jimmy Foster handles all of Archie “The Boss” Bonato’s dirty work. A few years earlier, Foster did a stint in Sing Sing rather than turn stool-pigeon, and endeared himself to the charismatic crime boss. Comfortable as a getaway man or button-pusher, Foster has a heart of stone and no discernible conscience.


STR 17, CON 17, SIZ 18, INT 10, POW 14, DEX 12, APP 08, EDU 10

Sanity: 61

Hit Points: 18

Damage Bonus: +1d6


  • Thompson Sub-machine Gun (73%) (1d10 + 2)
  • Brass Knuckles (58%) (1d3+2+db)
  • Baseball Bat (52%) (1d8+db)

Jimmy Foster

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