Jerry Wells

Construction Foreman


Heavy set, middle-aged, and mild-mannered.


Jerry Wells is a foreman for a Brooklyn construction company. He is in charge of a hugely unpopular urban renewal project in Red Hook – a seedy, dilapidated neighborhood beset by crime and cult activity. His office is located at 1182 Steadmont Street.

Jerry Wells is a very busy man that has no time to worry about Red Hook’s inhabitants or their vehement dislike of him or his urban renewal project. Therefore, he is the perfect victim of foul play (kidnap, ransom, sacrifice, etc.) for any criminals or cultists operating in the neighborhood.


STR 16, CON 14, SIZ 15, INT 14, POW 12, DEX 11, APP 13, EDU 14

Sanity: 57

Damage Bonus: +1d4


  • Fist/Punch 65% (1d3+db)

Skills: Drafting (50%), Electrical Repair (60%), First Aid (40%), Mechanical Repair (75%), Operate Heavy Machinery (55%), Persuade (50%)

Jerry Wells

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