Frankenstein's Monster, aka Frank

Unique Flesh Golem based on the classic story by Mary Shelley meets DC's Creature Commandos



A “special” 10HD Flesh Golem
AC: -2 (splint +1) (2 when frenzied)
Move: 9”
HP: 80
DAM: 3-30 + 6 – 13 or 3-30
S – 20*
I – 10
W – 10**
D – 20*
C – 20*
H – 5*

Ability scores are figured for test rolling, resistances, etc., all bonuses, etc are already configured in stats. Wisdom may be as high as 18 if Frank has had time to fill his mind, or if the cleric that made his as so educated him, DM’s discretion. Note, it could also be lower. Frank’s charisma is for looks only. If a being actually friend’s him, treat charisma as 8, and 13 to fellow monsters.

Like any flesh golem, there is a 1% cumulative chance per round that Frank will go berserk – attacking everything as under a haste spell until destroyed.

Likewise, against non-enchanted creatures (or those requiring magic to hit) damage inflicted from hands can only be repaired by a healing spell of a 17th level cleric. Damage from Frank’s sword however can be healed normally (except CE creatures where the damage can only be healed by normal rest/recovery (not regeneration) or divine means). The sword is Frank’s only option in dealing with creatures that can only by struck with magic weapons.

Frank can haste 1/day for three rounds but must rest for 1 turn thereafter.

Only blunt magical weapons cause damage to frank. Only the following spells affect him: move earth, disintegrate, and earthquake.

Lightning heals whatever damage it would normally inflict. Frank responds at twice the rate to regeneration spells or magic. Fire does affect this golem, causing him to save versus fear and suffering -2 on saving dice against magic fire. However, fire only does half-damage. He saves at +2 on any mind affecting spells and is immune to geas, quest and beguiling.

As an “undead” type, Frank does not require air, food or sleep. With no “soul,” he is immune to energy draining attacks. But, as a creature made of flesh, he can be destroyed.

As a “finished” creation Frank does not gain back hit points for resting, nor can he be cured by any spells save from those cast by a 17th level cleric, wish spell, or magic device of the same power above.

Frank saves as a 10th level fighter.

Frank is otherwise immune to fear and has 60’ infravision (eyes of a demi-human).


The “cleric” who created “Frank” passed away long ago but not before casting powerful geas and quest spells for this golem to “protect the innocent from other monsters they cannot fight themselves until death.” Thus, this “neutral” golem behaves as a lawful-good creature until destroyed.

He (“it”) is double-specialist in the bastard sword (he uses one-handed but size equates normal bastard sword damage, i.e., 2-8/2-16) “Unholy Avenger Sword of St. Michael,” +5, +10 on CE creatures, that dispels evil (50%) when it hits (as spell). It also encircles wielder in a permanent protection from evil 10’.

Frankenstein's Monster, aka Frank

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