Ensign James Horatio Conway


Ensign James Horatio Conway
Age: 22
Navigational and Jump Master USS Sanctuary
Call Sign: First Day
Current Security Clearance: Level 3 Navigational Command
Former Posting: None
Currently Jump Master on USS Sanctuary. Was on post 24 hours when attack occurred. Granted Call Sign by combat flight crew after assisting with tactical assault on space station. Plotted jump inside space station docking bay. Considered a good luck charm among many in the fleet.

A literal prodigy child with numbers he is the youngest ever to pass the jump master qualification. He was placed on the USS Sanctuary for its shake down cruise. He got the call sign “First Day” after his response to the CAG during his first fire fight. He is a stalwart and trustworthy defender of humanity even if a little on the Geeky side.


Ensign James Horatio Conway

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