Dora Long

A local speakeasy owner


Tall, solidly built, and slightly masculine, Dora Long’s brash sense of humor, fiery temper, and unquenchable appetite for Irish whiskey make her both affable and avoidable at the same time.


STR 13, CON 13, SIZ 14, DEX 13, APP 10, INT 14, POW 14, EDU 18, IDEA 70, LUCK 70, KNOW 90,
HP 14, MP 14, SAN 70

Damage Bonus: +1d4


  • Fist/Punch 50% (1d3+1d4),
  • .32 Revolver (1d8)

Skills: Conceal (60%), Cthulhu Mythos (18%), Handgun (85%), Hide (15%), Persuade (65%), Sneak (70%)


A member of the Irish Republican Army, Dora Long (aka Dora O’Donnell) fled to America and opened a speakeasy with her husband, Alec (aka Paul O’Leary), in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan (Tenth and W39th St.).

She funnels a portion of the speakeasy’s profits to her Sinn Fein sisters and brothers back home, and always has her ear open for useful information.

Dora Long

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