Dawn Miller

Middle-aged, motherly paladin and healer (D&D 3.5)


Gender Female
Race Human
Age 49 (middle aged)
Class Paladin (Pelor)
Alignment LG
Ability scores High – Cha, Str
Low – Dex
Important Skills Sense motive, Diplomacy
Favored weapon Warhammer


Dawn is a large woman, tall and muscular, but she never appears intimidating—she’s almost always smiling. She keeps her hair, mostly blond but with some grey strands, in a neat bun and the wrinkles beginning to form on her face are wrinkles from laughing, not from frowning.


Dawn is a warm, cheerful sort and generally easy to get along with. She likes small children (who tend to like her) and has a bad tenancy to fuss over anyone who’s injured or who she thinks needs “a little more meat on their bones”.

In her youth, Dawn was hot-headed and at times arrogant, and so she chose to join a local lord’s army. After seeing war first hand and realizing that the enemy soldiers were no different than her allies, Dawn had a crisis of confidence and fled the army, ending up in her current village and with her current husband.

Now, older and wiser, Dawn has dedicated her life to the village, making sure that every member is safe, healthy, and bathed in the light of Pelor. Most of the children and even some of the adults call her Auntie.


Dawn serves as the main acolyte of Pelor and healer (with her Lay on Hands) in a tiny village (pop. ~30). If any PCs are from the village, they are sure to know her, and if they are all visitors, she is likely to pay them a visit to welcome them.

She can’t provide extensive healing, but what she can do is free—as long as you’re willing to listen to her lecture on being more careful next time.

Additionally, the PCs may meet Dawn in less friendly circumstances. She is the person everyone goes to if they need a dispute settled and she is the best combatant in the village. While she would never attack anyone first, she will defend the town with her life.

Dawn Miller

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