Dario Alighiero

Roman-Catholic Priest


A short, prematurely balding, kind-hearted man of the cloth in his late thirties, Father Dario Alighiero is friendly and outgoing, but uncompromising. He takes his priestly vows serious and holds them sacred.

He speaks in a thick, Italian accent.


STR 10 , CON 10, SIZ 8, INT 16, POW 12, DEX 8, APP 9, EDU 14, IDEA 80, LUCK 60, KNOW 70
HP 9, MP 12, SAN 60

Damage Bonus: 0

Skills: Accounting (40%), Bargain (35%), Credit Rating (35%), Library Use (55%), Occult (20%), Other Language (English) (50%), Other Language (Latin) (50%), Own Language (Italian) (70%), Persuade (35%), Psychology (35%)


For years, Father Alighiero has performed the traditional spring blessing of the fishing fleet, but in the last few years, he has been challenged by the pastor of the Portugese church. The humble priest has said very little about it and continues to perform his own annual blessing. A few of the older Italians resent the fact that their young priest has allowed the upstart Poor-to-ge-zee to usurp the privilege of the blessing.

Dario Alighiero

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