Bayne Thorpe

Sheriff of Trader's Point


Bayne Thorpe is the kind of man that walks around with two short swords, a knife, his bow and quiver, and in chain mail at all times he is not home. He is also the kind of man to swing/shoot/bludgeon first and ask questions never. For all of his pitfalls though he is an excellent defender of the people in Trader’s Point. His favorite practice is once a criminal has been cornered he will give that criminal the chance for redemption, in a duel. If the criminal wins the duel and is able to get enough shots off on Bayne using wooden swords then he is absolved and released under no charges. If not, then he forgoes trial and goes immediately to jail. Allis Quincy only supports this because the criminals can choose this trial by fire, so-to-speak. Of course, Bayne has not lost a duel in his 21 years as Sheriff.

Loud and boisterous, Bayne is a good man but a little on the thick side both physically and mentally. Don’t let that fool you though. The man knows his ways around a weapon. Criminals and other rebels beware.


Bayne Thorpe

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