Evil Undead Incorporeal creature exuding permanent antiturning aura


Anti-Priest EVIL UNDEAD Incorporeal

This creature appears as nothing more than a shadow, barely visible, but humanoid in size and shape.

Archlich Khelias Darkwhynde spent many years of darkness perfecting a creature that would help to protect him and his minions from attacking priests. The “Malcurate” or anti-priest is an incorporeal form of Undead, always evil, that is perceptive to the auras of clerics and paladins, and exudes an aura of antiturning, preventing all turning attempts within a 60’ radius of itself.

Like other incorporeal forms it moves silently, flying just above the ground, and is able to travel through solid objects.

HD10d12 HP70 Init+2 Fly40’ Darkvision 60’ CR 10
AC14: (plus 2 Dex plus 2 Cha) Touch 14 Flat footed 12
F+3 R+5 W+8: S- D15 C- I6 W12 Ch14
MELEE: (2 x claw attack) plus 7 touch (1d6 wis) Wisdom Damage (Su)
FEATS: Alertness, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack;
SKILLS: Sense Motive15 Spot+15 Search+15 Listen+15 Knowledge Religion+15
SPECIAL QUALITIES: Anti-Turn Field – prohibits any turning effect in 60’R from creature. Does not affect creatures already turned outside this area.
Priest aura attunement – automatically detect any turning attempt or strong aura of any priest or paladin (Level 5 or above) within 60’ radius. Malcurates may attack any living creature but will always concentrate on attacking living priests first. (They are drawn to the special aura of the priest or paladin.)
NOTE ON ANTI TURN AURA: This aura cannot be detected by True Seeing or Arcane Sight but may be detected by Detect Evil and third round will reveal it as an anti turning field. It dissipates upon destruction of the creature.


This should be a very rare monster – no more than one in a group or possibly two used as guardians of an Archlich. Can be played much as a greater shadow but with two main exceptions:

  • Permanent aura prevents all turn attempts within 60’
  • Damage dealt is WISDOM damage (Su)

  • Antipriest

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