Andrew Payne

A freelance reporter and frequent speakeasy patron


In his late twenties, Andrew Payne is fastidious, well-spoken, and affable.


STR 10, CON 10, SIZ 14, DEX 13, APP 10, INT 16, POW 6, EDU 12, Idea 80, Luck 30, Know 60,
HP 12, MP 6, SAN 30

Damage Bonus: 0


  • Fist/Punch 50% (1d3)
  • .38 Revolver 70% (1d10)

Skills: Astronomy (75%), Cthulhu Mythos (18%), Handgun (70%), Library Use (55%), Physics (60%)


Currently residing in Greenwich Village, Andrew Payne makes a living writing popular science articles about Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, and is a freelance journalist for several New York papers.

He is also a regular at the local speakeasy owned by Alec Long, and can provide in-depth information that doesn’t make it in to the papers.

Andrew Payne

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