Amira Galanodel

Shy elf wizard and scholar (D&D 3.5)

Gender Female
Race Elf, grey
Age 122 (young adult)
Class Wizard, generalist
Alignment NG
Ability scores High – Int
Low – Cha
Important Skills All knowledge, Spellcraft, Decipher script, Speak language (between Int and this, she speaks 8+ languages)
Spell focus Battlefield control, Debuff, Utility.
NO direct damage spells.
NO charm/dominate/spells that require interaction with target.
Familiar If high enough level, pseudodragon (Improved Familiar)


Amira is petite, even for an elf. She dresses to blend in, wearing almost exclusively grey and brown. Even her golden hair is used as a shield from attention—she wears it long to cover for her face when she looks down.


Amira is painfully shy; that’s probably the first thing anyone notices about her, assuming they notice her at all. She rarely speaks—her coworkers have gotten used to communicating primarily through notes left at her desk—and when she does, she never speaks above a whisper and keeps her eyes on the ground.

Amira loves to read just about anything (her favorites are adventure stories and heavy tomes of magic), and has taught herself a smattering of just about every imaginable subject. She’s brilliantly intelligent and can remember just about any fact she’s come across in her studies.

While most people who know her think of her as that shy wizard who never sets foot out of the library, Amira has one secret—she wants to be a hero, like the heroes in her books. She’s just never had the reason to do so…maybe one day…when she’s not so busy with her studies…she has her whole life in front of her, what will a few more decades hurt?


Amira works as a scholar and librarian at a temple to Boccob in a moderate-sized city. The PCs may run into her while investigating something on their own (probably causing her to jump, squeak in a most undignified way, and run) or they may be directed to her when they need a scholar’s assistance. If they are discussing their adventures in the library, they may catch her listening in.

If the PCs have a good relationship with Amira, she will help them in any way she can (up to and including putting herself in danger for them, if she feels it is the heroic thing to do).

Amira Galanodel

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