Allen Nash

A crazed dreamer


Allen Nash is a tall, lanky man in his early thirties.


STR 14, EDU 15, CON 9, POW 16, SIZ 14, INT 14, DEX 13, APP 12, SAN 0, HP 12

Damage Bonus: +1d4


  • Poker (25%), damage 1d6+db
  • Kitchen Knife (25%), damage 1d6+db, plus impale
  • Cast Iron Skillet (25%), damage 1d6+db

Allen Nash inherited the Kingsport home, located on Church Street in the Central Hill neighborhood, from his eccentric, reclusive uncle. Surprised by its dilapidated state, Allen became determined to renovate the home as a weekend project.

Nash took a six-month sabbatical from his job at Harvard University to rehab the home, but quickly lost interest when he found his uncle’s Dream Journal and Dream Crystal. These items provide a road map for Allen Nash to journey in and out of The Dreamlands.

He has reached the point where he is sleeping 18 hours a day (with chemical assistance), from around 6pm until midday.

Allen Nash

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