Alexus Widenostril

A gnome militiaman to be used in any fantasy town with gnomes


Alexus Widenostril is a surly little gnome militiaman that can be used in any town where gnomes are not ridiculed. Many larger opponents have made this mistake to their great cost, because not only is Mr Widenostril quick to anger, but he is also rather deft with a glaive. In addition to normal combat skills you would expect for a gnome militiaman, he has the SLIDING GRIP feat, allowing him to use the glaive to threaten at 5’ and 10’ and his SPINNING SHAFT feat gives him a +3 deflection bonus to AC against missiles. He is also armed with a shortbow and wears banded mail.


All Militiamen work directly for the Town Council, administered by the Sheriff but ultimately they report directly to the Town Hall Commander. Day to day ordering of Militia Patrols is ordered by the Sheriff, stationed at the Sheriff Offices in Market Square.

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Alexus Widenostril

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