Alec Long

A local speakeasy owner


A 6’6" hulk of a man, Alec Long has hands as big as dinner plates, and a bear-hug that can snap a spine.


STR 16, CON 11, SIZ 18, DEX 12, APP 10, INT 11, POW 11, EDU 18, IDEA 55, LUCK 55, KNOW 90, SAN 55

HP 17, MP 11, CURRENT SAN 48, Damage Bonus: +1d6


  • Fist/Punch 50% (1d3+1d6)
  • Blackjack 85% (1d8+1d6)

Skills: Blackjack (85%), Cthulhu Mythos (18%), Grapple (85%), Handgun (85%), Hide (85%), Martial Arts (85%), Sneak (85%)


A member of the Irish Republican Army, Alec Long (aka Paul O’Leary) fled to America and opened a speakeasy with his wife, Dora (aka Dora O’Donnell), in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan (Tenth and W39th St.).

He funnels a portion of the speakeasy’s profits to his Sinn Fein brothers and sisters back home, and always has his ear open for useful information.

A word of caution: only the most well-established and talented of drinkers should partake of Old Unhappy Dog, the house whiskey at Alec’s speakeasy.

Alec Long

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