Aaron Hart

The Curator of the Kingsport Historical Society & Museum


A balding, sickly bachelor, Aaron Hart is the curator of the Kingsport Historical Society Museum.


STR 7, CON 5, SIZ 13, INT 15, POW 12, DEX 8, APP 10, EDU 21

Damage Bonus: 0


  • .22 Automatic Pistol 15% (1d6)

Skills: Botany (35%), City Lore (Kingsport) (90%), Fast Talk (50%), History (85%), Library Use (60%), Listen (15%), Own Language (English) (98%), Other Language (French) (45%), Persuade (60%)


Aaron is hard of hearing, arthritic, and moves slowly due to a hip broken two years ago. He’s also forgetful, frequently shows signs of senility, and spends more time wandering about than attending to Society business.

Lately, Aaron has taken to carrying a pistol, with which he takes potshots at the pigeons roosting on the museum roof. This behavior has led to several warnings from the police.

Aaron Hart

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